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Application for Dot's Partner Plan

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  • All Marketing Apps
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Content
  • 3,000 Unique Visits/m
  • 1,000 Trackable Contacts
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Data Fields
  • Integrations
  • Custom source tracking
  • Influencer Discovery

All Apps. All Features.

As a Partner, you get an unlimited free subscription with access to all Apps and features.

This provides you with full freedom to showcase your work, create concepts and market your own competences. When your clients are ready to buy, you can help them choose a plan that's right for them.


  • SEO-readiness
  • Multi-device
  • Social
  • Multi-network
  • Interactive page
  • Media tools
  • App
  • App
    event handling
  • Advanced data
    & analytics
  • Customized
  • A/B testing
  • Click distribution
  • Contact data
    & management
  • Lead acquisition
    & management
  • Custom
    & domains
  • Multi-admin
  • Custom source tracking

    Track your traffic with superior precision on any channel that you promote your content on - whether it's social, blogs, search ads, email newsletters or even in the physical world. Measure and compare the effectiveness of your content by using custom tracking for specific campaigns, discount schemes or promo codes. Find out what avenues work best for you and get better at using them.

  • Custom goal-setting

    Every piece of content we create is with a specific goal in mind, whether it's to boost traffic, increase brand awareness, improve audience engagement, make a splash in social media, grow your subscriber-list, capture specific data or to target a specific audience profile. Using custom goal-setting, you can create a custom set of parameters from any of the performance metrics and audience data that Dot provides you and set goals for each.

  • Influencer discovery

    Word-of-mouth is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and sought-after ways to reach audiences. Dot gives you the technology to discover individuals who have the ability to positively influence audiences and draw them to your content. Leverage this tool to nurture these individuals and expand your circle of influence.

  • Audience segmentation

    Easily create audience segments based on demographics, behavior or interactions. Monitor and nurture your segments to suit their specific needs and optimize your influence on them.

  • SEO-readiness

    Dot's content editor makes it easy to set the right SEO-meta data to maximize your search rankings on all the leading search engines.

  • Multi-device responsiveness

    Dot's unique content editor is engineered to give you full control over how your content will appear on different devices. Whether it's desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile; content created with Dot always be fully responsive.

  • Social integrations

    Add like, share and follow buttons, feeds, widgets and more to let your audience easily connect with you on social media.

  • Multi-network authentication system

    Dot gives you the unique ability to use social media as a method to gate your content. This makes it easy for your audiences to access your content, and gives you the ability to find out who they are and how they interact with your content over time - on any device. For example, you can give audiences the option to use their Linkedin profiles to access an interactive ebook, where all they need to do is click on the 'Linkedin' button to authenticate.

  • WYSIWYG page editor

    Design your content exactly the way you want it, with full visual overview throughout your content creation process. Easy-to-use styling, formatting and layout tools give you full freedom to create and publish great looking content.

  • Media tools

    Enrich your content with images, image galleries, customizable shapes and videos.

  • App customization

    Dot gives you the ability to make your content interactive with the simple drag and drop of an app. Choose from a wide range of Dot Apps and customize them to suit your needs and functional requirements.

  • App event handling

    Certain interactive apps will require some management and moderation. Dot makes this easy with app-events and alerts.

  • Advanced data & analytics

    Dot gives you a range of performance metrics such as page views, unique visits, interactions, social authentications and social referrals - each presented in the form of visual summaries as well as in a timeline overview. Detailed source analysis gives you an overview of all of your traffic sources, whether it's search engines, social media, social referrals third-party websites or custom sources.

  • Customized report generation

    Pick and choose from a range of data points such as performance metrics, sources, behavior, influence factors and app interaction data to generate custom reports. Export your reports to excel and work with your data as needed.

  • A/B testing

    Test two variations of your content to see which one generates the best results. Try out different choices of words, placement of elements or layouts to find out what your audiences respond to best.

  • Click-maps

    Click-maps give you a visual overview of audience clicks on your content. Choose which parts of your content you would like to track and find how many clicks each part received. You can also apply click-maps for each of your test variations to compare the results.

  • Contact data mining & management

    Turn your audience into Contacts by using social authentication of email opt-ins. Track their interactions, understand their needs and nurture them.

  • Lead acquisition & management

    Dot gives you the tools to pick and choose which data points are important to you, to apply them to your Contacts, compare the results and build lead profiles.

  • Custom extensions & domains

    Change your default content URL by modifying the URL extension. You can also use your own domain for your content.

  • Multi-admin management system

    Dot makes it easy for teams to work together in the content marketing and data mining process. Invite your fellow team members, desigers, data analysts and sales staff and assign custom rights to them.

  • Referrals

    One social referral corresponds to one visitor who was referred to your content through the 'share' of another visitor or contact. While 'traffic though social media' measures all incoming traffic through social, 'social referrals' only measures traffic that is generated by the 'shares' of your audience. In this way, it provides a more accurate understanding of your content's influence on actually driving audience action.

  • Audience data

    Dot tracks every interaction and input from your audiences and gives it to you in a dynamic list where you can and pick and choose data points, filter and export with ease.

  • App interactions

    Dot makes it easy for you to compare all of your apps and get a quick overview of what sort of interactive functionalities your audience responds to best.