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Engage with Marketing Apps

Dot empowers you to create interactive content with Marketing Apps - each of which is designed for a specific purpose and functionality. Choose from a range of Marketing Apps, customize them to suit your needs and start engaging!


Modern marketers use Dot to leverage the power of interactivity and content personalization. With Dot, they create better conversations with their audience, capture more leads and secure higher returns on their digital marketing spend.

Callebaut Make your own Chookie

Masterchef Personality Test

Lyngby Shoppable Product Video

Debic Summer Quiz

Danish Marketing Association Advent Calendar

Interactive Explainer Video

Place your interactive content anywhere

Publish as standalone, or embed in your website or blog.



Build contact profiles with rich data

Interactive content gets people to actively participate by answering questions, guessing, navigating or clicking. Dot tracks every interaction for every visitor; revealing key insights about their individual characteristics, behaviour, needs, preferences and pains - all of which are consolidated under each individual’s Contact profile.

Style: Outdoorsy
Female, 30-35 years old
2 kids

Personalize each content experience

Translate visitor and contact data into highly personalized experiences that adapt to each individual’s characteristics - in real time. Present the right message at the right time to each prospect and significantly improve your lead-gen rate. Same traffic, more leads.

Style: Outdoorsy
Female, 30-35 years old
2 kids
Style: Street
Male, 20-25 years old
Single, no kids

Convert and qualify leads

Leverage interactivity to discover the personal characteristics, behaviour, needs and pains for each individual and qualify leads with much greater precision. Arm your sales team with this valuable data and empower them deliver to sharper pitches and tailor-made offers.

Measure results with rich data and real-time analytics

Interactive content unlocks much deeper insights about your audience, and Dot delivers them to you in the form of clearly visualized analytics and rich data. Find out exactly who your audience is, what interests them most, where they come from and how they influence their peers so that you can make smart marketing decisions - fast.


Take the guesswork out of your content measurement. Track your traffic, interactions, referrals and lead conversion with precision – and find out which content pieces and formats generate the best results.

Click maps

Like a pair of X-ray glasses, click maps show you exactly what people are clicking on and interacting with – giving you the visibility to make quick decisions about your content design.

Source Tracking

Track your traffic with superior precision on any channel that you promote your content on - whether it's social, blogs, search ads, email newsletters or even in the physical world.

Rich Data

Dot gives you the tools to pick and choose the data points that are important to you, apply them to your Contacts, compare the results and build lead profiles.

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