Interactive Videos

Make your videos come to life with interactivity. Create Interactive Videos such as Shoppable Videos, Branching Videos, and Personalized Videos. No coding required.


Interactive Videos 

Choose your preferred Interactive Video experience based on the purpose and complexity of your ideas. Build an experience that is unique and stands out from the crowd. Customize it as you wish without any limitations. 

An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.


Engage like never before with a branching video! Let viewers choose their own adventure in your Interactive Video that will increase engagement, collect invaluable customer data, and increase retention rates with interactive Branching Videos.

An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.
An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.


Drive sales directly from your Interactive Videos by allowing viewers to click on hotspots, learn more about products, add products to shopping carts, and buy instantly. Create valuable interactions with your customers and increase your sales with Shoppable Videos.

An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.
An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.


Personalize your Interactive Video based on historical data or real-time interactions. Use data such as name, birthday, interests, etc. Create lasting brand impressions and increase customer loyalty by providing personalized Interactive Videos. 

An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.


Interactive Video software helps you with world-class expertise and a proven track record from some of the biggest brands globally. Choose your preferred audience to discover more about the benefits of creating Interactive Videos. 


By providing Interactive Videos to your customers, you will have more touchpoints for data collection. Use that to create hyper-personalized content and deliver what your customers expect. As a result, you can more effectively identify sales opportunities for your business. Collect data, learn, provide, and watch your sales figures grow.  


Get noticed faster with hyper-targeted Interactive Videos. Make your product offerings and complex onboarding easy to understand for new customers. You can also create an online sales consultation and add it to your videos to open up a dialog with your viewers. Ask them questions while they watch your Interactive Video and give them instant feedback.  


Learn about your customers' needs, preferences, and pain points. Once you identify those, you can better serve them with the content and offerings they want to see. As a result, the more satisfied customers will be with your services.   


Add any interactivity to your Interactive Videos without limitations. The more effectively you can interact with your viewers, the more engaged they will be with your business. Add Marketing Games, Quizzes, Polls, Calculators, or Guided Selling experiences, and amaze your customers like never before.   


The more engaging and personalized content you provide, the more likely that customers will continue paying for your products over a period. Make it as interactive as you wish! There are no limitations when working with the platform.  


Increase sales by showing customers only the most relevant products. Add gamified elements to your videos to challenge viewers and reward them through instant-win game contests. Creating positive brand experiences helps to increase your brand recognition. Hence, encouraging visitors to purchase more from your brand.  


Create different types of Interactive Videos based on your campaign objectives and your customer's preferences. Tweak it with gamification, product finders, polls, quizzes, and calculators and drive engagement. The more engaging the experience, the more meaningful the interaction is with your brand.  


Track any touchpoint to serve your business with the most accurate and on-point customer insights. Collect zero- & first-party data. The more interactions you create with your audience, the more data you can collect. Improve how you personalize, retarget and deliver to your customer's expectations.   


We help clients in any industry increase engagement and conversions with out Interactive Video software.


Create compelling Interactive Videos


Use hotspots to add elements on top of your Interactive Video, such as a "Learn More" button.


Gamify your Video in multiple ways, e.g., by adding items to collect, Marketing Games, or Contests.


You can use triggers to predefine specific actions to be taken before the video starts, while playing the video, or at the end.


Stands out from the competition 

Intuitive platform is an Interactive Content Platform with no IT skills required. You can customize any experience without writing a single line of code. Choose from our 200+ templates and simply customize them to get you started faster, or create your own template, and build your Interactive Video Experience as you wish to meet any expectations.

Unlimited flexibility

Compared to any other Interactive Content Platform, we offer you unlimited flexibility. Create anything without limitations, from the simplest to the most complex experiences. Once you are ready to launch your Interactive Experience, place it on any website, e-commerce page, or native mobile apps. 

World class experts

At, you will have access to world-class experts in Interactive Content creation who can provide professional help whenever you need it. We have a proven track record of working with small to large global enterprises and helping them succeed online with Interactive Content.

Other Interactive Features 

Use our Draw Engine to manage and configure any type of online contest, draw, or instant win game. Integrate it directly within your Interactive Video, and you can even connect your video to a data source, such as a product catalog. Display products from your eCommerce or PIM system directly in the Interactive Video.



Choose from a wide range of easy-to-configure multipurpose templates. Easily create and launch your own Interactive Video Experience anywhere you want, track the performance, and optimize it on the go. 

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