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Application for Dot's Partner Plan

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Are you an agency, video producer, web designer or freelancer?

Online content marketing has truly come of age; companies today are relying more than ever on creative expertise like yours to create and promote content in an effort to maximize their online presence.

Be that as it may, standing out in the deluge of online content and measuring its effectiveness remains a challenge - that’s where the winning combination of your skills and our technology comes in.


What we offer our Partners

unlimited free plan

Free unlimited access

Scale up your content creation with ease and make each experience a different one by using different Dot Apps.

all dot apps

All Dot Apps

Long texts are out. Easy-to-consume content is in. Interactivity engages and drives your message home in fewer words.

unlimited live pages

Unlimited live pages

Instead of talking at your audience, talk with them. Put the user back in focus with highly personalized content experiences.

Why should I become a partner?

generate new business

Generate new business

Stay ahead of the curve and set your agency apart by putting Interactive Content on your set of service offerings. Scale up your client’s content creation quickly and easily by mixing and matching Dot Apps; help clients generate content-driven results like never before and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

content measurement

Prove ROI

Measuring content effectiveness has been rated as the no. 1 challenge content marketers face today. Dot gives you metrics like interactions, social performance, influencer discovery, custom source tracking and much more to help you quantify your clients’ spend and secure their repeated business.

interactive content without programming

Save on programming costs

Creating interactive content on your own will require complex programming and all the cost overheads that come with it. Develop sophisticated, custom content quickly and easily without having to use expensive developer hours.

marketing with interactive content

Market your own competences

As one of our agency partners you will have unlimited access to the platform to create concepts for your clients and showcase your work. Use your Dot account to market your own competences and let your Interactive Content do it’s magic.