Our Interactive Content platform is built for enterprises. With Dot.vu you can share campaigns across multiple accounts to consolidate efforts and promote collaboration.

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With Dot.vu you get a complete overview of all of your campaigns!


Campaign Overview

Get the complete overview of all your Interactive Content campaigns across your entire enterprise from a single interface. See how everything is performing and which brands, business units, or countries the campaigns belong to.

Use your own marketplace for easy-to-use branded templates


Own Marketplace

The Enterprise Marketplace is where you can find your own templates created from within your enterprise. Together with our Quick Edit feature, you will be able to convert any project into an easy-to-edit template.

Keep critical information accessible to everyone


Communication Center

Use the communication center to share access to important resources across your entire enterprise. Secure that everyone is aligned and has access to the same information at all times.

Dot.vu allows enterprises to share across brands


Share and Reuse Projects

Because Dot.vu was built for enterprises, we made it easy for you to share and reuse your Interactive Content projects across your entire enterprise. 

With Dot.vu you control whom has access to what


Roles for Different Colleagues

Give power to all the departments within your enterprise and add unlimited many team members to your account and assign them different roles and access levels. 

Dot.vu makes collaboration easy regardless of your team’s individual skills.



Create easy-to-use templates to easily collaborate with every team member regardless of their IT skills. Add custom messages and notes to help your team members get the job done quickly!

With Dot.vu you keep track of your campaigns and understand what works.


What Works

With the campaign overview you can spot what campaigns your audience loves and engages with. Learn from your successes and double down on what works.


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