Help potential customers make better decisions, drive traffic, and generate new leads with a custom calculator that you can embed on your website


Help potential customers make better decisions and capture new leads with a custom calculator that you can embed on your website

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What is a Calculator 

A calculator asks users questions about their current setup, situation, needs, or expectations, and then gives them a numerical result. This numerical result can be an estimate of savings, price, revenue, ROI, risk exposure, or anything else – and is calculated based on a custom formula defined by you.

Why use it?

Drive traffic to your website

People are continually looking for advice or tools to help them make decisions. A custom calculator on your website can fulfill that need and consequently drive more traffic to your website. 

Generate leads

Convert your visitors to leads by including a lead form in your calculator. You can choose to place the lead form before or after users are presented with the calculator's results. 

Empower sales

Use a calculator on your website as a tool to demonstrate how your product or solution can help your potential customers save costs, improve ROI, or lower risks.

Send targeted offers

Each new lead's answers are recorded and stored in a database. Use this detailed information about each lead to create segments and send them targeted emails.

See how it works

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Embed any part. Anywhere.

Run your Calculator as a stand-alone campaign

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Any type you want

With, you have full creative freedom to make any type of calculator you want.

Customize everything from the look & feel, to the functionality of your Calculator.

Calculator Example - Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

Show potential customers how your product can offer them cost savings. Ask them to answer questions about their current needs and give them a calculation of their savings if they choose you.

Calculator Example - ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

An ROI Calculator directly on your website gives the user an estimate of the returns they will receive if they invest in your products or solutions. 

Calculator Example - Price Calculator

Price Calculator

Are you selling products that have complex or custom pricing? Give potential customers an estimation of the cost right from the beginning to boost your sales. 

Calculator Example - Health Calculator

Health Calculator

A health calculator is a great sales tool if you are selling pharmaceutical, fitness, or food-related products. Health calculators include BMI calculators, weight-loss estimators, etc. 

Calculator Example - Finance Calculator

Finance Calculator

 Help your customers make better financial decisions with helpful calculators that you can easily embed on our website

Calculator Example - Insurance Calculator

Insurance Calculator

Give your potential customers a tool to estimate their spending, risk exposure, pension gap with an Insurance Calculator that could support your sales. 

Templates for Quick Work

Choose between a wide range of easy-to-configure templates

to quickly create and launch your own Calculator.

Do you have something else in mind?

With you can customize every interactive experiences from design & layout to functionality – the sky is the limit. Want to discuss your project?

Much more than Calculators

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