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Marketing Games

Take your marketing to the next level with custom, branded marketing games. Engage your audience and attract loads of new potential customers to your business with this great interactive experience.

Marketing Games

Take your marketing to the next level with custom, branded games. Engage people and attract loads of new potential customers to your business.

Marketing games - Interactive Experiences - Cover Picture

What are Marketing Games? 

Marketing Games are used by companies who wish to engage their audience and promote their business online. They encourage the company’s target audience to interact with the brand through gamified interactive experiences. Marketing games often include contests or sweepstakes, where the participant plays for a chance to win a prize.

Why you should use it?

Cut through the clutter

As the web is becoming increasingly overloaded with content, it's no surprise that people’s attention spans are low. Stand out from the crowd and differentiate your brand with fun branded marketing games that people will love to play and interact with.

Grow your email list

People will need to fill out a short form to play the marketing games and get their chance to win prizes. Use this feature to grow your email list and start sending offers to all game participants.

Promote Products

Generate a demand for your products by adding gamification elements to your contests and sweepstakes. Show off your latest products, discounts, or special offers using this amazing interactive experience.

Incentivize Participation with Instant Gratification

People no longer want to wait to find out if they win or not - they want to know now. Tell participants if they win or lose right away, and create an even stronger incentive for them to participate.

See how it works

Try out a marketing game created with below.


Embed any part. Anywhere.

Run your marketing games as a stand-alone campaign

or simply embed the parts you need.

Customer examples

The platform is used by some of the world's leading brands.

See how others used gamification in their marketing strategy in the examples below.

Marketing games - Interactive experiences - Assembly games

Assembly Game

Assembly Game

Marketing games - Interactive experiences - Valentines Game

Valentines Game

Valentines Game

Marketing games - Interactive experiences - Scratch and Win

Scratch & Win

Scratch & Win

Marketing games - Interactive experiences - Spot the differences

Spot the differences

Spot the differences

Marketing games - Interactive experiences - Advent calendar games

Advent calendar

Advent calendar

Templates for Quick Work

Choose between a wide range of easy-to-configure templates to quickly create and launch your own marketing games.

Do you have something else in mind?

With, you can customize every Interactive Experiences from design & layout to functionality – the sky is the limit. Want to discuss your project?

Much more than Marketing Games...

Our all-in-one Content Marketing Platform allows you to build much more than just marketing games. Explore some of the related interactive experiences below:

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