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Educational, challenging, or entertaining – quizzes are the ultimate forms of snackable content. They’re great for social media and for growing your email subscriber lists.

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Quizzes for Marketing

People love to test themselves, and they love the immediate feedback of a score or grade. That’s why quizzes are still so popular. As a marketer, you can use them to your advantage – for branding, boosting engagement, or growing your email subscriber list. 

Why use it?

Make waves on social media

Leading brands use quizzes to encourage social sharing and engagement. Quizzes that challenge or entertain are highly effective at getting people to share their results or tag their friends – thereby helping your brand grow its reach.

Grow your email lists

Gate your quiz with an opt-in form that requires the user to enter their contact details. Place your form at the start of the quiz or just before revealing the results to grow your email lists like never before. 

Capture qualified leads

Ask questions that reveal key insights about your audience - their knowledge, needs, preferences, or pains. Capture the data and qualify leads with greater precision.

Personalize your email marketing

Use the insights captured in the quiz to pitch the right product to each lead. Optimize your sales funnel by sending more targeted emails and helping your sales team deliver sharper pitches.

See how it works

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Customer examples

Dot.vu is used by some of the world's leading brands.

See how others are using Quizzes in the interactive experiences examples below.

Example Quiz interactive experience - Hummel

How well do you know Mikkel Hansen?

How well do you know Mikkel Hansen?

Example Quiz interactive experience - Elisa

Entertaining quiz contest

Entertaining quiz contest

Example Quiz interactive experience - WHO

Educational quiz contest

Educational quiz contest

Example Quiz interactive experience - Via University College

Do you know the (career) type?

Do you know the (career) type?

Any type you want

With Dot.vu, you have full creative freedom to make any type of quiz you want.

Customize everything from the look & feel, to the functionality of your Quiz.

Interactive Experiences - Social Media Quiz

Social Media Quiz

Want to boost engagement on social media? Create a quiz about a topic that would challenge or entertain your target audience (i.e., Trivia quiz, news quiz, etc.). Keep it light, short, and easy to answer. The most successful social media quizzes are those that are focussed on an interesting topic, and not on the company or its products.

Interactive Experiences - Branding Quiz

Branding Quiz

If brand awareness is your goal, focus on topics that are interesting to your audience yet closely related to your brand. If you wish to educate your audience about your brand, turn your quiz into a contest and reward participants for actively learning about your company.

Interactive Experiences - Lead Quiz

Lead Quiz

A quiz gives the user an instant score, grade, or evaluation. People value this kind of personalized real-time feedback, and marketers can use this to their advantage to generate more leads by inserting a cleverly placed lead form before revealing the quiz's results. Use this tactic and watch your leads list grow!

Interactive Experiences - Promotional Quiz

Promotional Quiz

A quiz is great for promoting a new product, seasonal discount, special offers or events. Get people to actively learn about your offerings by asking them to find answers to questions on your website or webshop – then reward one (or more) lucky winner(s) with a prize.

Templates for Quick Work

Choose between a wide range of easy-to-configure templates,

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Do you have something else in mind?

With Dot.vu, you can customize every interactive experiences from design & layout to functionality – the sky is the limit. Want to discuss your project?

Much more than Quizzes

Our all-in-one Interactive Content Platform allows you to build much more than just quizzes. Explore some of the related interactive experiences below:

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