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Institutional Investor teamed up with to drive their project to create an Interactive Slideshow Banner for their website.



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The Challenge

Institutional Investor was focusing on tapping into their website UI in terms of placement of sponsored content. Their challenge was finding the right solution that suited their needs and expectations. They were keen on offering more options and diversification in how they wanted to present sponsored content placement on their website.

Therefore, to find the right solution, Institutional Investor decided to work with and let us help them achieve their goals with the following objectives:


Concept Description

Institutional Investor wanted to create an interactive slideshow banner and connect it to DoubleClick for Publishers. They built this interactive experience to add more options for advertisers to promote their content and generate awareness. The project was connected with a dynamic CSV data file, which made it very easy for any employee of Institutional Investors to go in and change the content of the banner.

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The Company

Institutional Investor is a leading international B2B publisher, focusing primarily on international finance. It publishes magazines, newsletters, and journals as well as research, directories, books, and maps.

It also runs conferences, seminars, and training courses and provides electronic business information through its capital market databases and emerging markets information service. Institutional Investor is part of the media group Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC.




Financial Services

Information Services


Company Size



New York City, New York,

United States


Interactive Slideshow Banner

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" has worked around the clock to produce content for us and our clients that we have been extremely happy with."

says Riya Bhandari

In summary, working with has helped Institutional Investor to create a solution that solves their challenge and enable advertisers to have more options when it comes to advertising sponsored content on their website.

Furthermore, they were delighted with the team and its ability to deliver and the Customer Service team, which was tremendously helpful along the way.

We found this company when trying to search for a vendor that would be able to produce innovative and interactive content. However, we were not expecting to find a team of people that were so tremendously helpful every step of the way. has worked around the clock to produce content for us and our clients that we have been extremely happy with.

We are very happy with everyone that has helped us so far and thrilled to have found a company with such excellent customer service. Thank you!

Senior Project Manager 

at Thought Leadership Studio


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