An Interactive Year-End 


The Health Care Compliance Division at Johnson & Johnson worked together with on their own Interactive Year-End Countdown.



10 Days





The Challenge

At the end of every year, the Health Care Compliance division at Johnson & Johnson hosts a compliance week for their teams. However, they face the same struggle every year: Trying to figure out ways to make the compliance week engaging and fun for their officers. “Particularly, because compliance is not necessarily the most fun topic. So, we really do struggle to find something that is a little bit out of the box thinking and something that people will engage with and have a good time with”, says Jenna Chrisman, Communication & Innovation at Johnson & Johnson. 

Therefore, Johnson & Johnson decided to work together with and let us create the project itself, with the following goals: 


Concept Description

The overall idea was to create an internal Interactive Year-End Countdown. Johnson & Johnson’s project with the overall theme *Ethical & socially responsible enterprise behavior’ was running for ten days in December 2020. During this period, the participants could try a new Marketing Game every day. Each day was presented in the form of a lock, revealing another Marketing Game in which the participants could win an award. The Marketing Games were spread as the following: 

On Day 10, Johnson & Johnson shared a video showing the leadership team of the compliance division. In this video, the team played a short Q&A. Holiday-related questions were asked, and the team had to answer in the form of one word. 


The Company

For more than 130 years, Johnson & Johnson has aimed to keep people healthy at every age and every stage of life. Because they believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities, and forward progress.  

Today, as the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company, they are committed to using their reach and size for good. They strive to improve access and affordability, create healthier communities, and put a healthy mind, body, and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere. 





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Interactive Year-End-Countdown

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"We did have a lot of success with this project"

says Jenna Chrisman.

In summary, working with and getting insights into the platform and its functionalities has given Johnson & Johnson more creative ideas for future campaigns.  

Moreover, everyone who participated had fun and enjoyed engaging with the small daily games. More importantly, the awards people could win were charitable donations. Thus, their participation in this project also contributed to Operation Smile, raising awareness of the fact that every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft.

"We had a very tight timeframe and a lot of builds to do, because we had many different forms of interactivity envisioned for our project. Essentially, it was crunch time for us, and adding something live and functional, and fun and engaging was really, really important. The team at was with us the whole way. They were super flexible, really responsive, and worked with us in terms of pricing and getting things delivered. They really just pushed through. I can only say great things about the cooperation with, they did a phenomenal job, and they are a great partner."

Communications & Innovation 

at Johnson & Johnson 


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