Generate loads of new, rich lead profiles with an assessment. Help your audience evaluate themselves and give them valuable custom advice in exchange for filling out a lead form.

Generate loads of new, rich lead profiles with an assessment. Help your audience evaluate themselves and give them valuable custom advice in exchange for filling out a lead form.


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What is an Assessment 

An Online Assessment asks your customers a set of questions and gives them a score with custom advice on completion of the questionnaire. It’s typically longer than a quiz and gives them customized feedback in the end. Whether it’s about personal factors like knowledge, skills, and competences, or about professional benchmarking like business-unit performance, compliance, or technology-readiness – you can create any kind of assessment using

Value for the user and the marketer

What's in it for your customers?

· They get to evaluate themselves and see how they stack up against their peers.

· The personalized advice you give them is based on their assessment results – which helps them make better decisions for their needs and pains

· It takes a few minutes to complete and gives them the instant gratification of a score.

What's in it for your company?

· You get to establish yourself as the go-to source within your field of expertise or industry.

· You can generate new leads and build rich lead profiles by gating assessment results

· You get to learn more about customers through their answers to your questions – and then use that data to send them more personalized emails

· You can promote other content assets like e-books or white papers at the end of the assessment

· You can pitch your offerings at the end of the assessment as the solution to their problems

· It's a highly effective lead generator, and it's less costly and time-consuming than other types of content with the same goals (i.e., eBooks)

See how it works

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Customer examples is used by some of the world's leading brands.

See how others are using Assessments in the interactive experience examples below.

Assessment Example - Should you outsource your IT?

Should you outsource your IT?

Should you outsource your IT?

Assessment Example - Do you know the career type?

Do you know the (career) type?

Do you know the (career) type?

Any type you want

With, you have full creative freedom to make any type of assessment you want.

Customize everything from the look & feel, to the functionality of your Assessment.

Knowledge Assessment - Interactive Experiences - Icon

Knowledge Assessment

As the name suggests, a knowledge assessment evaluates an individual’s knowledge on a specific topic. Topics can be things like industry news, trends, or new technologies, or even lighter topics like the latest news in Hollywood.

Skills assessment icon - Interactive Experiences

Skills Assessment

A skills assessment is used to analyze an individual’s weaknesses and strengths. Use it to highlight areas where your company can help its potential clients with feedback and by offering its product.

Educational Assessment - Interactive Experiences - Icon

Educational Assessment

The purpose here is to educate your audience about a certain topic by giving the user feedback after each answer. It is ideal for informing people about complicated issues or teach about changes in the industry. Topics could be related to anything that could be valuable knowledge for your audience. 

Industry Benchmark Assessment - Interactive Experiences - Icon

Industry Benchmark Assessment

Industry Benchmark Assessment helps your customers discover how they stack up against their peers in the industry. A great way to make this kind of assessment is by turning any of your existing research studies or industry reports into a questionnaire.

Technology Readiness Assesment  - Interactive Experiences - Icon

Technology Readiness Assessment

New technologies pop up every day. Create an assessment that tests whether your audience is ready to adapt to relevant new technologies in your industry.

Best practices assessment - Interactive Experiences - Icon

Best Practices Assessment

As the name suggests, this kind of assessment will gauge the extent to which the user follows industry or function best practices. To do this well, you should accompany your user's score with useful feedback and advice.

Risk Assessment - Interactive Experiences - icon

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment helps tell your audience what their current risk exposure is, based on their current business practices or documentation. This kind of assessment is popular in the IT security systems industry but can be used in many other industries. People need to evaluate their risk when making any kind of investment.

Templates for Quick Work

Choose between a wide range of easy-to-configure templates

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Do you have something else in mind?

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Much more than Assessment

Our all-in-one Interactive Content Platform allows you to build much more than just assessments. Explore some of the related interactive experiences below:

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