Branching Video

Engage your audience like never before with a branching video. Let viewers choose their own adventure in your video.

Branching Video

Engage like never before with a branching video. Let viewers choose their own adventure in your video.

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What is a Branching Video 

Branching video, also known as “choose your own adventure” video is an interactive experience where viewers embark on their own personalized journey. Unlike traditional videos, which is a linear experience, a branching video is non-linear and can have many different storylines depending on the viewer's choices.

Why you should use it

More engagement

Branching Videos are a great way to engage your audience. Because the viewers are prompted to answer questions or choose what happens next, they are more immersed in the video experience. They are also intrigued and more likely to stay in the interactive experience longer.

Send more targeted emails

You can also choose to place an opt-in form inside your branching video to capture new email subscribers. Once you know what interests them, you can start sending each subscriber more targeted offers via email.

Capture audience insights

The Branching Video - like any other interactive experiences - tracks every choice the viewer makes and registers it. This will help you gain key insights into what interests or engages your audience.

See how it works

Try out a branching video created on below.


Embed any part. Anywhere.

Run your Branching Video as a stand-alone campaign

or simply embed the parts you need.

Any type you want

With, you have full creative freedom to make any type of branching video you want.

Customize everything from the look & feel, to the functionality of your branching video.

Branching video - Branded stories examples

Branded stories

Create fun branching videos that immerse your audience in a story in which your brand is at the heart of the interactive experience. For example, dress up for a date with (your brand’s) new looks.

Branching Video - Virtual consultations example

Virtual Consultations

Simulate a consultation with a sales rep using a branching video. Just like a salesman asks questions and then suggests solutions, use your video to prompt the viewer to answer questions, and then provide instant personalized feedback.

Branching Video - Treasure Hunt examples

Treasure Hunt

Create a virtual treasure hunt where viewers need to solve mysteries or answer questions for a chance to win a prize from your company.

Branching  video -Build your own example

Build your own

Let your viewers build their own product or solution by making choices in your video. For example, create your own pizza or build your mother’s day gift box.

Customer examples is used by some of the world's leading brands.

See how others are using Branching Video in the interactive experiences below.

branching video - Pagely example

Interactive Sales Consultation

Interactive Sales Consultation

Branching Video - Callebaut example

Build a Chookie

Build a Chookie

Branching Video - Hummel example

How well do you know Mikkel Hansen?

How well do you know Mikkel Hansen?

Branching video - græsværk example

Personalized birthday video greeting

Personalized birthday video greeting

Branching video - Father's day gift finder example

Father's day gift finder

Father's day gift finder

Templates for Quick Work

Choose between a wide range of easy-to-configure templates

to quickly create and launch your own Branching Video.

Do you have something else in mind?

With, you can customize everything from design & layout to functionality – the sky is the limit. Want to discuss your project?

Much more than Branching Videos

Our all-in-one Interactive Content Platform allows you to build much more than just branching videos. Explore some of the related Interactive Experiences below:

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