Branching Videos

Engage your audience like never before with a Branching Video. Let viewers choose their own adventure in your video.


Branching Videos

Take your visitors on a personalized journey where they choose their own adventure. Unlike traditional videos, Branching Videos are non-linear and reveal many different storylines depending on the viewer’s choices. Here are some types of Branching Videos that successful companies use: 

An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.



Through branching narratives, you can tell your brand story in an engaging and interactive manner. Viewers can choose different paths to learn about the company's history, values, mission, and the people behind the brand, creating a deeper emotional connection.

An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.
An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.


Similar to the popular book series, you can create content where viewers make choices that influence the outcome of the story. This format can be used for entertainment, marketing campaigns, or to illustrate the impact of various decisions in a fun and engaging way.

An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.
An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.


You can create Branching Videos that allow viewers to explore different features or aspects of a product. Viewers can choose which features they're interested in learning more about, resulting in a personalized demonstration that caters to their specific interests.

An image illustration of the specific quiz product category showcased and displayed for website visitors.


Branching Videos

Choose your preferred audience to learn more about the benefits of Branching Videos.

Qualify leads

Transform lead qualification into a precise science. By analyzing the paths potential clients take when interacting with your video, you can gauge their interests and pain points, allowing for more targeted follow-up communications and sales strategies.

Educate customers

B2B products can be complex, and Branching Videos break down and explain these complexities. Potential clients can explore different features or use cases relevant to their business needs, leading to a deeper understanding of your product's value.

Build relationships

By providing a personalized video experience, B2B companies make clients feel valued and understood. This personalized approach can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, which is crucial for long-term business relationships.

Efficient onboarding

For software and services that require in-depth training, Branching Videos can offer a self-guided learning experience that adapts to your viewer's pace and interest areas, making the onboarding process more efficient.

Stand out

Branching Videos stand out in the crowded B2B marketing space, offering a unique and interactive way to present your company, products, or services, differentiating your brand from the competition.

Collect data

Gather insights from the choices viewers make in Branching Videos and inform strategic decisions regarding product development, marketing approaches, and content creation, ensuring your company remains aligned with their clients' evolving needs.

Increase engagement

Boost engagement by offering consumers a more interactive and immersive Branching Video experience. The novelty and fun of controlling the narrative keep viewers interested and can increase brand affinity.

Personalized marketing

Branching Videos allow for a high degree of personalization, tailoring the viewing experience to individual consumer preferences. This personal touch enhances the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, increasing conversion rates. 



Branching Videos empower consumers to explore products or services they're interested in a fun and engaging way. This dynamic exploration directly drives higher sales and elevates customer satisfaction.

Customer support

If you choose to use a Branching Video as a customer support tool, you can make your brand available 24/7. Branching Videos revolutionize customer support, expertly guiding consumers through troubleshooting and FAQs with an intuitive interactive format.

Collect data

Through Branching Videos, you can explore consumer preferences. Each choice a consumer makes is a direct insight, enabling your to precisely tailor products, services, and marketing strategies to impeccably align with consumer demands.

Social sharing

The interactive and engaging design of Branching Videos makes them irresistible for social sharing. This quality amplifies the reach of your marketing campaigns across social platforms, engaging a wider audience and forging stronger connections with potential customers.


Our Branching Video software empowers clients across all industries to tell their stories and significantly increase engagement.


Our Branching Video Software


Enable viewers to click and learn more about your products.


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Show clickable buttons or popups at specific points in time.


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