Event Marketing

Generate a buzz for your next event and design interactive experiences to ensure it's a success. Select between a wide range of different experiences to be used before, during, and/or after your event.

Event Marketing

Generate a buzz for your next event and design interactive experiences to ensure it's a success. Select between a wide range of different experiences to be used before, during, and/or after your event.

Event Marketing

Organizing an event can be a tough task. There are many things to consider and many ways to approach it. However, with the right event marketing promotion campaigns, you’ll guarantee their success. Choose between many different interactive experiences to promote your event. Preparing and ensuring a strong digital presence at events is important, whether you are going to a trade show, an expo, or hosting your own event. 

Why use Interactive Experiences in your Event Marketing Strategy?

Effective Communication

It can be hard to make every single person interested in what you have to say. Also, not everyone is necessarily interested in having a conversation just yet. By creating interactive experiences that can adapt to the person engaging with it, you are able to capture and communicate your message with greater effect.

Stand out

Creating unique and engaging interactive experiences that bring value to the attendees will help you stand out and be remembered. Use different types of interactive content, such as quizzes, assessments, calculators, marketing games, and interactive videos in your Event Marketing Strategy, and you'll stand out, you'll see. 

Capture data

It can be a hectic day with a lot of things happening, which means that you should have tools to easily capture and store data on potential customers during the day. This can be something you use during conversations, or something attendees can access online or through interactive screens at your stand.

Any type you want

With Dot.vu, you have full creative freedom to make any type of Event Marketing Campaign you want.

Customize everything from the look & feel, to the functionality of your project.

Type of Event Marketing Campaign - Interactive Contest

Interactive Contests

Use interactive contests in your Event Marketing Strategy to draw people in and generate new leads. Use concepts such as games, lucky number draws, quizzes, or fun tests to create a more engaging and interactive experience. 

Type of Event Marketing Campaign - Product and Service discovery

Product & Service Discovery

Help people to discover which products or services are the best matches for their needs. Inspire, educate, and guide them towards the right solution more quickly to better help them decide. 

Type of Event Marketing Campaign - Savings and ROI Calculator

Savings & ROI Calculator

Make your financial value proposition crystal clear. Calculate saving based on an individual’s situation and needs or clarify how investing in your product or service can benefit their business.

Type of Event Marketing Campaign - Sales Tools

Sales tools

Create intelligent sales and surveying tools to be used while interacting with people at the event. Enable data collection into your interactive experiences to make sure you don’t miss or forget anything when following up on new leads after the event. 

Type of Event Marketing Campaign - Pre-sign ups

Pre-sign ups

Create a buzz around your event and collect sign-ups early on. Combine it with a competition at the event to incentivize people further to show up. Remember also to include general information about the event and why people should participate. That way, your Event Marketing Campaign strategy will be on-point. 

Type of Event Marketing Campaign - Event Overview

Event Overview

Help create an overview for event-goers to guide them during the event. Include all the important information people need, such as the event schedule, a description of each activity, a list of the participants, the goal of the event, discounts, etc. 

Customer examples

Dot.vu is used by some of the world's leading brands.

See how others have used interactive event marketing campaigns in the examples below.

Event marketing  example - Assembly game

Assembly Game

Assembly Game

Event marketing  example - Interactive Display

Interactive Display

Interactive Display

Event marketing  example - Scratch & Win

Scratch & Win

Scratch & Win

Event marketing  example - Educational Quiz Contest

Educational quiz contest

Educational quiz contest

Templates for Quick Work

Choose between a wide range of easy-to-configure templates

to quickly create and launch your own interactive experience.

Embed any part. Anywhere.

Run your Event Marketing interactive experience as a stand-alone campaign or simply embed the parts you need.

Do you have something else in mind?

With Dot.vu, you can customize every interactive experience from design & layout to functionality – the sky is the limit. Want to discuss your project?

Much more than Event Marketing

Our all-in-one Interactive Content Platform allows you to build much more than just Event Marketing Experiences.

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