Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

The special holidays and seasonal events during the year are the perfect opportunities to launch your next seasonal marketing campaign. 

Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

The special seasonal holidays and events during the year is the perfect opportunity to launch your next marketing campaign. 

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What is Seasonal Marketing?

Seasonal marketing is when you market your product or services at certain times of the year, which can be incredibly valuable for many types of businesses. Tailor your marketing message to match the spirit of seasonal events such as Valentine’s, Easter, Mother and Father’s Day, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, and Christmas!

Why you should use it?

Stand out

Of course, many companies are jumping on this opportunity, making it overwhelming for many consumers. Stand out by creating an interactive experience that focuses on helping customers through their buyer journey in an easier and more enjoyable way. By doing so, you secure a much higher chance that customers will choose to buy from you and not your competitors!

Reward Loyal Customers

Use occasions like these to give something back to your customers and create positive brand associations. This could be in the form of loyalty points, discount codes, or an instant-win contest where customers can win your products. Consider combining this with referral incentives to reach a new relevant audience.

Boost Sales

With seasonal marketing campaigns, timing is essential. Use an event like Black Friday or Christmas to create a sense of immediacy through special time-sensitive discounts and promotions. Present the right message, at the right time and score big..

See how it works

See an example of a Seasonal Marketing Campaign created on

Seasonal Marketing Campaigns - See how it works

Embed any part. Anywhere.

Run your Seasonal Marketing Campaign as a stand-alone campaign or simply embed the parts you need.

Customer examples is used by some of the world's leading brands.

See how others are making Seasonal Marketing Campaigns in the interactive experiences below.

Seasonal marketing campaign - Advent Calender

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Seasonal marketing campaign - Scan and Sweep

Scan & Sweep

Scan & Sweep

Seasonal marketing campaign - Valentines game

Valentines Game

Valentines Game

Seasonal marketing campaign - Love Calculator

Love Calculator

Love Calculator

Seasonal marketing campaign - Father's day gift finder

Father's day gift finder

Father's day gift

Seasonal marketing campaign - Summer Calendar

Summer calendar

Summer calendar

Templates for Quick Work

Choose between a wide range of easy-to-configure templates to quickly create and launch your own Seasonal Marketing Campaign.

Do you have something else in mind?

With, you can customize every interactive experiences from design & layout to functionality – the sky is the limit. Want to discuss your project?

Much more than Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

Our all-in-one Interactive Content Platform allows you to build much more than just seasonal marketing campaigns. Explore some of the related interactive experiences below:

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